Fleas Bite- Causes,Signs And Its Treatment


What Is Fleas and Fleabites?

Fleas are not to be tolerated anywhere around your home. But why, you ask? Well, fleas are some tiny, annoying insects that reproduce rapidly. You know, you have a backyard. Perhaps some pets, too. In any case, these two places are breeding spots for fleas. And if this fleas are left unattended for even a short period of time, also considering the fact they multiply so quickly, you might soon end up with some mysterious bites? And was this even meant to be a “mysterious bite?” After all you appeared comfortable with fleas all around you.
Fleabites gives an itchy and sometimes painful feeling. On the overall it causes some discomfort which could vary from person to person depending on how the fleabites was managed by the individuals involved. Now that’s right — fleabites can be that serious. So for any reason you would want to eradicate fleas and protect yourself from fleabites?

Things That Can Increase The Risk of Fleabites?

Fleas find some of the below habitat the most suitable for survival and breeding:
On your pets (cats, dogs, etc.). You could read more on Fleas on Dog and Cat
Underneath your carpets, bedding.
Trees and shaded areas.
Wood piles.
Storage buildings.

Flea bites on humans

The legs.


The waist.
The armpits.
The breasts.
The groin.
Sometimes, in the fold of elbows and knees.

How To Identify Fleabites

First, it is no rocket science — if you have seen at least one flea around you or your home, and now you’ve got some itchy, sore and painful feeling on some parts of your body — then perhaps a fleabite there. In addition, you will often see the fleabite appear as some sort of small red bumps; but in a sharp twist to what a mosquito bite or any other insect bite will look like, fleabites give a red halo around the bitten spot. Fleabites on the skin are often arranged in a straight line seeing they attack in groups of three or four. As well, rashes could be experienced near the site of the bite.

Symptoms of fleabites

Breathing difficulty.
Swollen lip or tongue.

Flea bite treatment

It has been earlier stated that rashes are symptomatic of fleabites. Then you can so agree some scratching could result, can’t you? With excessive scratching done to the spot of the bite, first, some damages will be done to the skin. In the process of doing this, bacteria could be introduced into the skin.
So far there is no identified risk of contracting diseases from fleabites. And naturally, fleabites should go away without any particular treatment.

How to get rid of flea bites

If you’re impatient of the natural healing process of Fleabites, below are some tips for you.
If you discover some fleabites on your skin, you can use cold water to alleviate or prevent inflammation.
Try to avoid scratching the surface of the bite.
Avoid warm or hot water as it tends to exacerbate itching.
Take notice of the affected areas for possible infection and see your doctor if necessary.
Use alcohol, calamine lotion, tea tree oil, vinegar.
As well, you may get some antihistamines or anti-itch creams.

How to get rid of fleas

Really not much is required of you. You already know that fleas cause fleabites, just go for a professional pest control expert. You can as well attempt to do it yourself. Either way it will cost you some minutes of your valuable time.


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