Flea Bites on Humans

What is often unknown is that flea bite on humans require as much care and attention as it can possibly get. Or more attention as your lovely pets get anytime they are infected by those little creatures called fleas. Perhaps it is not known, but there is a certain species of sand flea that does not just suck your blood but hides under your skin for longer to even suck more blood. And you could get to pick up these fleas only by settling down on your lawn or on a field.
By the way fleas don’t just bite because they want to, they bite because they need to. Female fleas, apart from requiring blood for survival, they as well need it for reproduction. This is let you know that a flea will not spare you at any time.
When your animals suffer infestation from those small parasitic insects, there are quite a number of things you can do. You can wash them off with special shampoos. You can use the flea comb on them. As well, you can play around with a lot of home remedies that are available to you. All these will work provided you’re using them on animals. But will flea comb work for flea bite on humans? Would you use chemicals on the bitten spot? I mean on your skin?
Notwithstanding it is a flea bite you got from sand or one you got from animals, flea bite on humans is not such a pleasant experience. It is not dangerous or life-threatening, though. More so, it is not the worst of experiences so get to ease your mind. If you are unsure about whether it is a flea bite, or you do not even have an idea of what bites from fleas look like, then I can only recommend that you follow this article to its last word. The piece will get to expose you to everything you need to know about flea bites on humans. You’re human so let’s dive riding.
Flea bites on humans usually appear as near-connecting dots of small reddish halo. This is due to the fact that fleas attacks in a group of two’s and threes’. Something peculiar to these reddish spots is that they give some itching feeling which could cause pain and discomfort.
Because of close proximity with your pets, who often times are carriers of these fleas and their eggs, flea bite on humans are easily noticeable around the ankles, arm, and in the lower region of the leg. Most often cloth snug off these parts of the body. Being that flea hide away in places like underneath the carpet, they only might be able to jump few centimeters. This explains why those parts of the body are the most vulnerable.
As a knocking off popular belief, it isn’t the flea bite that caused the itching but rather its saliva, which contains up to 15 substances.
Now flea saliva does react the same way both in humans as does animals. You will have to taken notice — and this is a sign to watch out for — if you have pets, say your dogs, cats, that scratches its body all too often, just as it begins to lose its fur — then it could be a flea bite after all. This is an allergy that resulted from the saliva of the flea bite. To further establish it is a flea bite, open up the fur of your pet to reveal traces of dotted reds.
So, the moment your dog or cat started showing these symptoms, and before those annoying insects start perching on you, go visit a veterinarian. It has been observed that while humans might be able to restrain themselves from scratching, pets cannot. And you know you will have your pets around you the next minute. Or don’t you mind your dog continuously losing it furs and looking so frail and unhealthy?
Flea bites on humans do really cause some itching. Maybe some little pains too if scratching is involved. It is often so advised that scratching should be avoided as a way to help prevent infections or sores to the bitten spot. Under normal circumstances, this should be just about what can be experienced of a flea bite. But in the rare of cases, shock resulted as an allergic reactions to flea bite.
Flea bite react differently in persons. It is for this reason that the spot of the bite will heal up in weeks for someone while another may battle it for months if he further irritate the bitten spot through the use of inappropriate substances or through scratching.
The care for flea bites on humans involves washing the area of the flea bite with antiseptic soap. You could as well use ice pack or anything cool to eliminate inflammation and minimize swelling.
If and when the urge to scratch flea bite on humans cannot be resisted, and in a way wounds have resulted from continued scratching, then some sorts of medical help might be introduced. You should see your doctor. Creams and lotions can be bought from drugstores to help ease the itching if it persist or gets serious. Painkillers helps too. The option of Antihistamine in the form of tablets or liquid is also very much available. And although you do not know what will be best for you, just get to explain yourself well at the drugstore, you will be prescribed with something that will soothe and bring you relief.
All of these treatments (or their absence) could leave you with some dark spots. But you need fewer worries because the dark spot will clear off in matters of weeks. However, if you’re not so patient for the healing process, you could use moisturizer on the bitten spot. As well you could make use of sunscreen to protect the affected part of the skin from becoming even darker. But do ensure to undertake these processes only when there are no more itches.


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