Home Remedies For Fleas

Aside the fact that a lot of efforts is often required to get rid of fleas than to prevent them, some measures might not even be the perfect control for those fleas. But what if you could do it the natural way? What if there are home remedies for fleas that really works? What if I let you know that these remedies are natural products and that they are very effective, too?
Of course, the use of chemicals is effective in the control of fleas. But do not forget that pets like cats groom and the chance that they might get to swallow these chemicals. You will want to avoid this, won’t you? Now that’s right.
I do not know what you think, but I do think the disgusting sight of those fleas does not necessarily have to crash into your love for your pet; it does not have to keep them away from you. This is why you need to keep this insect at bay and right now.
It is on record that you have bathed your dogs, cats with different mixtures. As well you’ve done some other stuff too, perhaps by recommendation. But this stubborn insect seems like they’re gone but after a while resurfaces again.
One thing that is often unknown to many, and I think it’s necessary I make it known, is that fleas are highly prolific. Worst yet their eggs can lay dormant a long time, so that many months after you have treated your home and pets for fleas, and conditions become favorable for those eggs again, then they hatch massively and all of your efforts seem like a waste.
So, this is why it’s important you first know that the control of fleas is not a one-off. Whether you’re going the way of chemicals for the control of those fleas, or you want to go the way of home remedy which this post is determined to share with you by the way, just have it somewhere at the back of your mind that you will have to repeat some processes more than once for maximum results.

The first step towards making your home flea-free is to create an environment that will not be conducive for fleas. This is a preventive measure by the way. So towards achieving a flea-free environment is why nematodes are of a great help. Now nematodes are multicellular animals that are found in soil. Usually, nematodes in addition to controlling garden pests like ants and termites eat up fleas too. The process always involves getting those nematodes from garden centers, then using them as directed to have a flea-free home.
At some other times, you may want to consider mowing your lawn. Here have been discovered to send an invite over to fleas. Also, a plant like lemon balm repels fleas. You might want to consider having them around your home.
If you have ever thought of a blind spot in your home, then underneath your carpet cannot be spared. The thing is, you will have to steam clean your carpet and vacuum all areas regularly. This could be some kind of home remedies for fleas you know.
We can then pretend you already have those fleas in your home, on your pets or wherever, in which case nematodes, steaming or lemon balm plant, will not work. But garlic works and this is how:
Different from other home remedies for fleas, such like the Diatomaceous Earth which comes with precautions, garlic is natural, safe-to-use, and effective towards curtailing those annoying insects. As a given fleas find garlic offensive. So we get to use this against them.
Some already chopped garlic is made to settle in a pan; a boiling water of about 1 gallon is poured into the pan; the mixture is then allowed rest for some 12 hours. After the 12 hours, you then get to transfer the mixture into a garden sprayer. It is always advised that you lightly apply the mixture to your lawn or garden area.
If you want to have something similar done to your pet, I mean your dog, all you need to do is to gently apply some portion of garlic on your dog. And no — it will not hurt your dog. Here are a bit of some caution, though;
Do not use a huge amount of garlic on your dog.
Ensure you use fresh garlic for a better result.
Totally avoid garlic supplement.
Use regular sized garlic.
Your dog’s size matters; but be that as it may, not more than two cloves of garlic is ideal per day.
In most occasions, fleas will desert an acidic surface. Your dogs pH usually ranges between 6.2 and 6.5. You’ve got to be sure about this prior to applying this solution. The Apple Cider Vinegar works best in creating an acidic environment on the outside body of your dog so that fleas will find it inhabitable. As in the process in the preparation of the garlic portion, warm water is required in addition to the real substance — i.e the apple cider vinegar; but only that 1/4 quantity of sea salt is required in addition. All three — apple cider vinegar, warm water, and sea salt– will be mixed together, and thereafter applied on the dog while avoiding contact with the dog’s eyes and/or open wounds.
And while this last one may not sound like some home remedies for fleas, believe me, it is worth knowing. With fleas being parasitic, it only takes logic to know that if your dog is healthy, there are fewer chances he will be infested by fleas. More clearly, it will mean the immune system of your dog will be active against insects such as fleas. To realize this, some practices are necessary.
Wash your dog each week and rinse with apple cider vinegar. Actually, one portion of cider to ten portions of water.
Also, get your dogs the most healthy diet. These diets may well be rich in B vitamins, sulfur, probiotics, or omega-3 fatty acids, etc.


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